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Friday, November 23, 2012

Team Nemesis played exceptional well and they were heading to the World Cup Asia Finals but a controversial incident in the Semi-Finals cost them their place. However team Nemesis can take some solace as members of team Dynasty congratulated them on their team performance after their games. For a local Malaysian team with no "imported players" to make it so far is a great acheivement coming 3rd in Division 1 of WCA

Quoting team Nemesis Captain - Loco, "Raja and TC of Skirmish Paintball Asia present us with our customised Geo 3 marker on Thursday at 7pm due to delays with shipping and Customs at WCA and we used it at 8am the following day. The Geo 3 worked perfectly and brillaintly straight out of the box and shot fantastically well for the first time ever. We didn't have time or a chance to run the Geo 3 in or even have a go at it yet it felt so natural and good in our hands. The balance and accuracy was exceptional and with the soft nose bolt, we were shooting the most fragile Celtic and Ignite paintballs from Gelkaps which even team Dynasty were using in preference to other well known and famous brands present. 

This is the Best paintball marker team Nemesis has ever had the opportunity to use and shoot and we would like to thank Ledz, Raja and TC for their confidence and support". 

TC Gan

Thursday, November 08, 2012


Date : 08 Nov 2012
Time : 09.00am - 03.30pm (dealer)
          03.30pm - 06.00pm (player)
Venue : One Helang Hotel, Langkawi,
            Kedah, Malaysia

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